Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get signed up!

We have officially opened the Revenge Run store for sign-up and ticket purchases (see link on the right side of page or below). Everything is the same as it was last year with regards to how the merchandise and passes will be distributed, and how many campground spots/ferry passes we have reserved. Space is somewhat limited, and you will receive everything you purchased at the start of the run. If you are not going to make the run, but bought some shirts or something, send me or Tim an email and we will ship them to you. There are two ways you can purchase your run pass, but if you plan on going on the run, you have to at least purchase a straight ticket. This includes your ferry passes and your camping reservation, plus a cool patch and a raffle ticket. The other option is the Bounty Bundle, which will also include a t-shirt. You can also buy extra raffle tickets. The raffle prizes are gonna be even better than last year, so don't sleep on it. Check out the sponsor list if you don't believe me...

Revenge Run Store

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