Do I really need to register?
-Yes. Spots are limited, so don't get left behind. No registration, means no camp spot.

How long is the trip?
-The trip is roughly 230 miles from Rocky Mount to Ocracoke Island.

Are the raffle prizes worth buying tickets for?
-Does Mr. T like gold jewelry? Fuck yeah! The raffle prizes are amazing...

If my bike breaks down, or I run out of gas, will a chase truck help me out?
-Yes, that's what they are there for. However, just because your pussy ass gets tired of riding, does not mean they are there to give you a lift to the next spot.

Are the mosquitos on Ocracoke Island really as big as everybody says they are?
-Big enough to put you in a full nelson...

Will my registration stuff get mailed to me?
-No. The morning of the run we will have a registration table set up and you can pick your stuff up there.

Can I buy Revenge Run t-shirts and swag during/after the run?
-Yes. Any extra t-shirts, patches, etc.. will be available for purchase.