Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tickets are now on sale - PLEASE READ

The tickets are now in the store for sale! If you have any questions about the run, camping, raffle prizes, etc...please check out the other pages on this site. If you are purchasing extra shirts, and you DON'T want them shipped because you'll pick them up at registration, use this code at checkout to get rid of the shipping costs: NOSHIPPING For those that can't make the run, but wanted a shirt, they're in there. These will not ship until April 15th. REVENGE RUN STORE


Carl Burton said...

Hey you death science con artists,
If we all aren't taking the ferry back and the camp sites are so dirt cheap why are the tickets just as expensive as the past several years? you guys aren't even real pirates.

DSmatt said...

Who said the camp sites were cheap? An extra night of camping is the same price as the ferry, so it works out the same. You don't like the couple of extra bucks we add to each package in order to cover gas in the chase trucks, then don't come. You're right, we're no more pirates than you are a mathematician. Suck it poser.