Monday, April 4, 2011

Revenge Run Details Update - Please Read!

Time has been flying by since Tim and I started planning the Run this year! I wanted to take a minute and update everybody, especially those who didn't bother to read the details post, or most of the others. Several things to note:

1. The run WILL end in Wilmington as planned.
2. You will NOT be receiving anything in the mail...again, we wanted to make this as simple as possible for everybody. Everything you need will be given to you during the "check-in" period at the start of the run. If you are meeting us on the OBX, you will get it there.
3. You will have plenty of chances to buy extra raffle tickets on the run.
4. The mosquitoes on Ocracoke Island are big enough to bitchslap you, and then laugh in your face...bring some bugspray, or some boxing gloves.

Everybody had a blast on the run last year, and we aim to do the same this year. Bring your gear, your bikes, your stories, and leave the drama behind you as you head towards Rocky Mount!

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Anonymous said...

what time do yall anticipate hitting obx . . . that's where a whole shitload of us plan on interceptin yall.