Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Revenge Run Itinerary - April 23 - 24, 2010

Well folks, the idea has been tossed around for a while but after a few swigs of tasty moonshine and some cold beers we pulled out the maps and created a run which encompasses great terrain and sites most citizens rarely see. We felt that the Revenge Run should be long in lore and relatively short in miles so we could retrace the steps of an infamous rabble rouser. Yes, we speak of none other than the fabled Edward Teach or better known to most of the world as Blackbeard, the pirate of legend. He stalked the Pamlico Sound between the outer banks and mainland North Carolina creating a pirate haven up and down the southern east coast. Our mission is to retrace his last stand from the tiny outcropping island of Ocracoke Island to the shallow waters off Beaufort where he went down in a blaze of Blunderbuss glory.

The run will officially begin at the intersection of Highway 95 and Route 64 in Rocky Mount, NC at the Highway Diner. From there we will take the scenic Route 64 through the low country over to the Outer Banks and into Nags Head and on down to Hatteras to catch the ferry over to Ocracoke Island. We have a choice of camping spots on Ocracoke Island but staying at the state campgrounds right on the ocean is a must. From there we will make our way across our next ferry and head into historic Beaufort home of the Blackbeard Museum and famous local cemetery dating back over 400 years. After a little homage to those who passed on we will head down through Emerald Isle and down the coast ending in a night of debauchery in Wilmington.

So we ask, are ya filled up with gas and ready to roll? Thought so...

All official times and contacts will be posted in the coming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

what's up,
This sounds like a great trip, We can't wait to hook-up hangout and drink and have a great time.
Are you going to have your streetfighter finished?
I'm working on the roller that we had at the rockingham show, we are going to have it ready for the smokeout in june.....

take care

Rusty Knuckles said...

Was hoping to have the new streetfighter finished but was on tour a lot of the winter and not able to commit the time needed for the build. Hoping to have a solid roller by the Smokeout, but we shall see. Working on the designs for a new tubular swingarm to match the frame style, then new gas and oil tanks along with some new overall lines. Too much work, to do, hahah!

WHITEY said...

Sounds like a blast....gonna try to hook up with you all. Posted a link on our blog hopefully the word will spread and this thing will take off.....